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*We will be using imported shavings starting April 2021, dust free stable, here we come!*

   A friend once told us that the best three words to describe a well kept and trained horse are shiny, happy, and round, we think that's very true.  As horse owners ourselves, we know how important it is for you to keep your equine family healthy.

   Besides the basic everyday care routine, we do several things differently.  

   For feeding schedule, we keep our horses with a eating habit that works the best with their natural digestive process. Simply put, we feed our horses multiple times a day, so that their stomach is constantly with a healthy amount of food. Results? Shinier, stronger and healthier horses.

   For the bedding, we are firm believers that there are only three types of wood that are truly safe for horses. That's why we will be using our own imported shavings made specifically for horses. Sustainably sourced, 99% dust free and germ free!


   We believe that proper caring for horses is the secret of their well-being and top performance. The better they feel, the better they perform, just like us! Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your horse and your ride, you might expect your horses to be stronger and calmer with us.

If you have any question about boarding with us
Don't be shy, send us a message!
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